Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've noticed that our blog has yet to contain any picture of our products...except for our lego accessories, of course, which we've featured in our previous entry, Lego Love.

Lego rings :)

So for starters...
I'd like to show you our soda can lid accessories...mainly because those are the products I'm currently working on.
POPJUNKLOVE will once again visit Ateneo de Manila University for a week long bazaar from January 31 to February 4 so I need to replenish some of our stocks.

Thanks to my friend, Min, I got tons of soda can lids!

Our first line of soda can lid accessories had no drama whatsoever. 
Just silver...just the vintage-looking soda can lids...

But how could we not put color on these wonderful items?
For us, the possibilities are endless.

So on top of our rocker-chic version...
We launched these cuties...

More pictures here.

Better start working on these babies soon.
The spray paint usually takes days before it dries up. :)

Price: P120

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