Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Php 150

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  1. hi guys! ive been a fan of your products ever since but unfortunately i havent bought any yet from your shop. i do hope i get to see you in one of your bazaars and be able to purchase your cute items. it just saddens me that some people claim to be original in coming up with lego accessories when you guys were the first sellers in multiply that i first saw came up with your lego wearables. these sellers would even claim that other sellers imitate them in selling lego accessories. i hope more people would be knowlegeable about popjunklove that you guys were the first to introduce in coming up with recyclable items instead of some sellers trying to imitate you. we ourseleves from farawtdesigns try to come up with something original and not imitate other sellers. we look at your creations and we get inspired with your creativity and artistry in your craft. congrats popjunklove and morepower to you. we hope we get to feature you and your products in our blog. thanks! :)


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