Sunday, September 5, 2010

TOY DAY Adventure

I'll always have a soft spot for production. Even before I cemented my place in the corporate world working as a copywriter, I've been involved in several film projects with my friends. Sure, the hours were long and I barely made enough to last me the week but I have to say, being part of a shoot is rewarding, intoxicating even.

Naturally, my love for creating and crafting was put into good use for building props, sets and costumes for our shoots. It's been a while since I last stood in a live set and I really do miss it. I've been out of the production loop for quite sometime now but I truly believe I'm an art dept. crew by heart and this is a testament to that.

With this not-so-latest project (it's been two years in-the-making), I combined my two loves: craft and production. And came up with a short photo-animation. "Toy Day" chronicles the lives of three Have-Not plushies- Seth, a bumbling hero, Dexter, a certified bookworm and Meemo, the happy loner.

We shot this on a random April weekend. Spent part of the day riding the LRT, posing as college students finishing a school project. We then moved from Gateway to Philam Homes-King's old palace, and back to Cubao again where we shot the final scenes in Sputnik.

I'm pretty sure I didn't have budget to produce this but then again, you'll be surprised with what you can do even with an empty pocket.

Shout outs to Pong, Mackie, King, Kuya Mark, Ate Sel and Ate Roma for making it happen.

After two-years, I'm proud to present, Toy Day.

Photographer: Pong Ignacio
PA/PD: Mackie Galvez, Maan Agsalud
Editor: Maan Agsalud, Roma Agsalud
Chalk Artist: Mark Agsalud, Selia Agsalud
Soundtrack: Lovers Who Uncover by The Little Ones

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